All Time Fave Lip Combo

I’ve been waiting to share this post with you guys for so long! This is my lip combo that I basically wear everyday as my “neutral”. Obvisouly there are days when I want to go brighter or darker depending on the season but for a day to day look, this is my go to! I am someone who doesnt particularly like nude lip colors on myself because I think they wash me out and make me look sort of “dead” lol. That’s why I opt for a more pink/brown nude to give some life and color to my face! If you are someone who is not a fan of nudes on your skin tone definitely try this combo! Scroll to the end of the post to shop the colors!

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The liner is perfect because it is a brownish/pinky nude that you can pair with so many lipsticks. The lipstick is on the pinker side and its one of my faves. It also has some brown undertones which is why it matches the liner so perfectly. And lastly, the gloss is a darker mauve with some shimmer and I think it just tops the whole look perfectly. So this is a photo of me wearing the lip color. I forgot to get a close up shot that would show it better! But in this pic the gloss was kinda wearing off since I was drinking wine and what not. But you can still see the true color of the liner and lip stick! This is just the perfect pinky nude with some mauve undertones and it’s my go to color for everyday! 

Liner: Here| Lipstick: Here | Gloss: Here 

Thanks for reading!

Xoxo, Alee

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